Garden Court Brasserie Dinner Menu

Herb & garlic bread…$ 5.50
Selection of assorted breads & spreads…$ 10.50
Market fresh soup of the day…$10.50
Seafood, mussel & crayfish base chowder with garlic & herb baguette…$18.50

Entrees, Salads & Snacks
Seared scallops / apple & celery / crayfish-satay sauce…$22.50
Duck liver pate in pancetta / seasonal fruit chutney / French baguette…$19.50
Fried Eggplant, smoked mozzarella & risotto croquettes / tomato chilli jam salsa…$21.50
Grilled marinated Chicken fillets / salsa verde mayo / watermelon salad…$21.50
Crispy fried calamari / Greek style salad / feta cheese & aioli dip…$18.50
Caesar style salad…$20.00, with grilled chicken…$24.00 or with garlic prawns…$27.50
Chateau club sandwich; bacon, tomato, cheese, egg mayonnaise & French fries…$18.50
Chicken fillet, Beef or Lamb burger with bacon, relish, cheese, tomato & French fries…$18.50   
Mediterranean vegetable, artichoke & goats cheese tart /rocket greens
with balsamic & roasted sunflower seeds…$19.50
Chick pea & potato fritters /raita & mango chutney…Entrée…$21.50 Main…$28.50
Main choices
Mexican red kidney beans in masala sauce & Malaysian roti / raita & chutney…$28.50
Sautéed Venison fajita in homemade tortilla /avocado, salsa, sour cream & Spanish rice…$28.50  
Grilled Chicken piccata /provencal vegetable pistou & smoked mozzarella / roasted pan jus 
saffron risotto…$33.50
Chef’s chicken & coconut curry / rice noodles & Asian greens…$30.50
Blue cod fillet, choice of grilled or battered/ tartare sauce/salad greens & French fries…$31.50
Grilled prawns, mussels, scallops, calamari & fresh fish fillet /provencal vegetable risotto…$39.50
Chefs roast special…Market price
Side dishes
Bowl of French fries, new herb potatoes, gratin potatoes, side salad, steamed rice,  vegetables of the day, risotto, potato wedges with sour cream…all $7.50
Grill Menu
All Steak & Grill items are served with gratin potatoes, garden salad and your choice of sauce
 Beef Fillet 200g - $39.50
 Beef Rib eye 250g - $39.50                                                                                            
 Lamb rack cutlets - $39.50
 Venison medallions -$39.50
Add On
Tiger prawn cutlets (2) - $5.00
Scallops (3) - $6.00
Choice of accompanying sauces & spice butter
Sauce bernaise, mushroom sauce, pepper corn sauce, beef demi glaze
Café de Paris butter, blue cheese & apple butter, avocado-tomato & chilli butter
All prices include GST Goods and Services Tax
Prices include GST (Goods and Services Tax) **A Public Holiday Surcharge of 15% is applicable**

Hot Beverages
Short black, long black, cappuccino, Café latte, mocha $4.50
Flat white $4.50
Tea, green tea and herbal teas $4.50
Affagato al caffe $6.50
Soy latte $5.50
Latte bowl $5.50
Hot chocolate $5.00
Chai latte $5.50
Liqueur coffee $11.50

Dessert Wines
Spy Valley Noble Sauvignon $29.50

Taylors Tawny $ 9.50              
Taylors 10 Year Old Tawny $13.50
Taylors 20 Year Old Tawny $18.50

Cognac, Armagnac

Armagnac $12.50
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. $14.50